Posted by: Karoliina Leikomaa | May 20, 2009

Programme and other information!

The program for Åcon 3 has been published! It can be found from the website under the heading Program. The booklets are being printed as I write this so there are treats waiting for you when you arrive to Åcon!

For those writing blogs about Åcon or posting pictures (for example in Flickr), please use the tag “åcon3” (or acon3) to make it easier for others to find the blogs and pictures. Those using Twitter, please use hash tags #åcon3.

See you tomorrow in Mariehamn!



  1. There’s a difference between the hash tags in Twitter — for example the search results only show the one you used. So, if people use two different tags, then you need to do two searches to follow them. I recommend using #åcon3, since the search engine nowadays can handle it.

  2. But for example TweetDeck doesn’t allow searching with åcon3! I tried! acon3 is ok. But it actually searches both åcon3 and acon3 with it… And last week the search engine (on the Twitter site) didn’t seem to find a difference between those two, today as well. I’ve posted with both åcon3 and acon3 and the results both came when searching with either. I just tried again and it’s not working anymore. Great! So stick to the #åcon3 hashtags, I suppose…

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