The programming at Åcon 3 will continue in the same vein as in previous years: there’ll be a programme item running most of the time, with still ample time to go eat and have a drink with other fans in the bar. The programming will have a literary bent, and the tone will not be too serious.


The program begins around 18.00 with welcome words by Karo Leikomaa and the committee followed by a couple of program items.

* Welcome to the con (Karo Leikomaa)
* What’s innovative in sf/fantasy? (Steph Swainston, Jesper Svedberg, Pasi Välkkynen, chairperson: Jarmo Puskala)
* Do not disturb -sign workshop


There is a Brewery tour for those who have signed up for it starting at 11.00 on Friday. For those who are not attending the program begins at 12.00. There will be plenty of time to return to the hotel before the GoH interview!

* Fantasy Friday – recommend a book! (Those not attending Brewery tour)
* Other cons worth visiting (general discussion)
* Steph Swainston interview (by Mekku Polvinen)
* Introduction to Finnish and Swedish sf/f (Johan Jönsson., Marianna Leikomaa)
* Finnish and Swedish sf/f – panel (Johan Anglemark, Ben Roimola, Marianna Leikomaa, Johan Jönsson, chairperson: Karo Leikomaa)
* Wordbuilding – how is it done and why do we do it? (Steph Swainston, Anne Leinonen, Petri Hiltunen, chairperson: Karo Leikomaa)
* Never Mind the Buzzaldrins!! (host Jukka Hoo)


On Saturday morning there’s some time to see Mariehamn and the program begins at 13.00. There is a banquet for those who have signed up starting around 18.30.

* Sci-fi Saturday – recommend a book! (general discussion)
* Copyrights and the Internet (Vesa Sisättö, Anne Leinonen, Jarmo Puskala, Irma Hirsjärvi, chairperson: Karo Leikomaa)
* GoH speech/reading (Steph Swainston)
* Banquet
* Sci-fi Babbel (host Karo Leikomaa)


On Sunday there will not be much program and the only item begins at 12.00.

* Gripe session (general discussion)



  1. For Finns there is also the meeting of the Finncon Society on Saturday morning at 11. Talks shall be in Finnish, though event is open for all.


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