Posted by: Sami | May 25, 2009

Åcon is over, long live åcon!

We are done for this year so it is time to gather the (fond?) memories for others to share. Please post links to photo galleries or other news for our enjoyment in commments so we will update this collection, Thanks!

News picks:


Posted by: Karoliina Leikomaa | May 20, 2009

Programme and other information!

The program for Åcon 3 has been published! It can be found from the website under the heading Program. The booklets are being printed as I write this so there are treats waiting for you when you arrive to Åcon!

For those writing blogs about Åcon or posting pictures (for example in Flickr), please use the tag “åcon3” (or acon3) to make it easier for others to find the blogs and pictures. Those using Twitter, please use hash tags #åcon3.

See you tomorrow in Mariehamn!

Posted by: Karoliina Leikomaa | May 18, 2009

Banquet on Saturday

There is a banquet planned for Saturday evening in the restaurant Cikada near Hotel Adlon. The restaurant needs to know the amount of people taking part a couple of days before so the signing up for the banquet has been closed. If somebody wants to come and have dinner with us, please contact Cikada restaurant!

The prices of the meals are: two course meal (23,20 e) or three course meal (29,10 e). The meals do not include drinks and both drinks and the meals are payed in the restaurant after the banquet.

Posted by: Karoliina Leikomaa | April 7, 2009

The Member Sign Up form

There is a new Member Sign Up form on the Members page. The form will make things easier for the committee to handle the memberships as well as the travel info and so on so please fill the form even if you have already payed for your membership and booked a hotel room!

On the form there are options about the travel, the cabins on the ship, eating on board the ship etc. so you can do everything at once. Unfortunately you still have to book the hotel by yourself.

Because the cabins and the other travel expenses have to be payed already during April, the last day to sign up and to book the trip through us is April 20th 2009. Unfortunately there is a bit of a hurry but there’s still couple of weeks left! But don’t waste any time, the con is coming SOON!

Posted by: Sami | April 1, 2009

Tour to Stallhagen brewery!

Once again posting new information has been very sparse to say it politely and the promised travel info is yet to emerge. But do not worry, the long waited information is right around corner and will see light of day at the end of this week! I promise, really! We just need to clarify few details.

But we have also planned some non-science-fiction program.  We have seen on previous installations of Åcon the consumption of alcoholic beverages and we are organising tour to local brewery! More details and preliminary registration can be found here!

Posted by: Sami | February 24, 2009

Hotel info!

Here is finally the information so that you can start making room reservations. The details regarding how to reserve yourself a hotel room can be found in Hotel info page.

Please book your room as soon as possible. While we expect the room block that we have reserved to be enough you can never be sure. Reservations close on April 21st and any remaining rooms will be released back to the hotel.

We hope to get travel information (timetable and prices) by the end of this week.

Posted by: Sami | February 8, 2009

GoH: Steph Swainston

We have a GoH!

swainston_trevillion_ivy_smallerWe have now confirmation of our Guest of Honour. Sorry to keep this website sooo not-updated. We are still alive and working on this.

Read more of her here.

Steph’s website is at:

Posted by: Sami | May 8, 2008

Åcon 3 up and running

Åcon 3 will be held next year unless something really unexpected happens. The dates are set as 21.–24.5.2009. Big probability exists also that the con-site is the same as in previous occasions but the conditions are still under discussion so will we’ll let you know about that later. Also the guest of honour is still under discussion and is not known until fall (most probably).

The membership fees have been decided and are 25 € (250 SEK). Exact payment conditions available at the members page.

Watch this space!