The membership fee for Åcon 3 is 25 €. Our target size is roughly 100 attending members (which just about fills our hotel).

Please notice the time to fill the Sign Up Form has already passed and the trips have been booked. If you still wish to attend Åcon, it is possible but it means traveling on your own. For those who have not filled in the form but wish to attend Åcon, please pay your membership as soon as possible and contact us about it. Please include the following information on the email:
City you’re from
Home country
And whether you let us publish your name in the program book and/or on the website.

We have a discussion list for information and discussion for Åcon members only; you get access to the list and archives by filling the Sign Up form and checking the box about the email list.

The payment methods

  • Finland/international: 25 €
    Account: 111735-11749 Nordea / Taimi Tietäväinen /
    IBAN: FI62 1117 3500 0117 49, BIC: NDEAFIHH
  • Sweden: 250 SEK
    Anders Reuterswärd / Plusgirokonto 82 66 75 – 1

We also have a junior membership available for teens (13–17 years) for 10 € (100 SEK). Children under 13 don’t need a membership. Of course, if you want a badge for them, you can purchase a junior membership for them too.

If have any questions, please email us at <>.


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