About Åcon

Åcon 3 is a small, fannish, literary relaxacon in Mariehamn, Åland 21-24 May 2009. All of the programming is in English. Our guest of honour is Steph Swainston. Most of the programming is still being planned.

Åcon 3 is an event based on what we in the committee would like to come to ourselves: some programming, much socialising, an interesting GoH, a fannish literary atmosphere, and a location and a schedule that might actually permit seeing the city where the con is. Which all very incidentally adds up to an event where there’s a whisker of a chance that that con-com won’t be constantly run ragged.

All of the programming is in English, and we’re proud to have Steph Swainston as our guest of honour.

Our membership fee is 25€. See members page for payment details. More info to come.

The committee

The organizing committee consists of the following people: Karoliina Leikomaa (chair), Sami Kähkönen, Taimi Tietäväinen, Jonas Wissting, Katarina Norrgård, Johan Jönsson. Proper introductions are coming later.


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