Travel info

we’re offering members an inexpensive ferry trip to the convention that can be booked through the convention (see below).


We’re offering the following connections with Silja Line:

Thursday 21 May 2009

  • Turku-Mariehamn 21.5. 8:15-13:35 Silja Galaxy
  • Stockholm-Mariehamn 21.5. 7:10-13:35 Silja Europa

Sunday 23 May 2009

  • Mariehamn-Turku 24.5. 13:45-19:15 Silja Europa
  • Mariehamn-Stockholm 24.5. 13:45-18:10 Silja Galaxy

Depending on demand, we may also be able to arrange for some form of group transport from Helsinki and/or Tampere to Turku.



  • Deck place 14 € (7 € one-way)
  • Cabin (1-4 persons) 88 eur (40 eur Tku-Mhamn, 48 eur Mhamn-Tku)


  • Deck place 165 SEK

When traveling without cabin there will be a place to leave your luggage. Actual trip is also included in the price for those in the cabin (C-class). You can ask for other people to take cabin with (for ex. in the mailing list) you if you don’t want to reserve cabin for your self. Those traveling from Stockholm and who want a cabin should contact Jonas Wissting <>.

Taking Your Car

You can take a car with you on the ferry. The round-trip price for the car is 42 € (from Turku). Mention you’d like to take a car when reserving trips. Those coming from Stocholm should contact Jonas Wissting <>.

Taking your bike

You can take your bike with you. The round-trip price for bicycle is 20 € (from Turku). Mention this when you are reserving trips. Note that (at least in Turku) you need  to be in Turku an hour before the ferry’s departure. So coming on the morning train from Helsinki to Turku  is not an option! Those coming from Stocholm should contact Jonas Wissting <>.


We are also able to reserve you buffet meal tickets at slightly reduced prices from those available on board: sea breakfast 9.5 € and lunch 25 € (when leaving from Turku) or 98 SEK and 252 SEK  respectively when travelling from Stocholm. If you want such, please pay as per the instructions below and mention it when filling in the form.

Train from Helsinki

If enough people are interested, we’ll arrange transportation from Helsinki to Turku and back by train. (We’ll get a group discount if enough people sign up.)


Booking these tickets is done through us, not via Silja Line. The final deadline for this offer is Friday 20 March. You should pay following the same instructions as for Åcon membership and fill out necessary information on this form.


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