Stallhagen brewery tour

Below is link to a questionaire. Write your name if you are interested in participating on tour to Stallhagen brewery. Write also if you are bringing your car with you and would be available as a driver. Depending the amount of people we are considering also a bus if enough people are interested (there would also be somekind of fee for the bus) but for a small group personal cars are also a possibility.

Here some more info of the tour (taken from their website
Guided tour of the brewery:
During your one-hour stay one of our guides tells you about:

  • the brewing process, methods and raw material
  • brewing traditions in the Aland Islands
  • the history of the building and the site
  • the products made by Ålands Bryggeri Ab

During the tour, you get to sample our locally produced beers, if you are lucky you might get to try a novelty not yet released on the market. Prices: 14 euro/person for groups of at least 10 people. For smaller groups a minimum fee of 250 euro for the group.
The brewery has a small store, which means you can buy our products to go (only for Stallhagen III and Stallhagen Dark Lager).

We will arrange a meeting on thursday evening for all those who are interested. Fill the questionaire form in here!



  1. No car (execept I can dangerously drive Jonas car…)

  2. I am coming

  3. 3 cometh, and we have a car, unfortunately Junior is taking one place more, so only one can come to our car.

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